Staying true to our mission, we've partnered with professionals and specialist in many different industries to provide consulting services to Florai Customers. The list of services we provide through our partners across the country will continue to expand as time moves on. If you're interested in becoming a Florai Consultation Partner, please email us at


Investing Consultation

  • How to Invest with minimal amounts of capital
  • Real Estate Investing (Wholesaling, Fix & Flip, Buy & Hold -Residential & Commercial)
  • How to produce extra income through the stock market (stock trading, futures, penny stocks, FOREX)
  • How to Setup Investment Portfolio
  • Financial Advice And more...

Business Consultation

  • How to Start a Business, clothing industry research, business plans, research projects for your business, business financing, marketing, team-building, supply and demand
  • Implementing Systems (Hiring/HR, Sales, Fulfillment, Branding)
  • Copywriting, articles, writing services, And More..

Personal Development Consultation

  • Finding your purpose, discovering talents, increasing productivity
  • Discover the secret formula for becoming successful
  • How to Increase Personal Energy, Productivity,
  • How to use law of attraction, mind power, and more...


- $50/HR

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