Vision: The Seed of Your Greatness!

You have to be able to see your future. Imagine your lifestyle, imagine your future self! Most importantly, imagine how your future self FEELS. What does the life of your dreams look like?

What are you doing everyday? Why are you happy and joyful? What have you accomplished? What’s your lifestyle?

 Some of us will know what our passions and profession are early in life, some of us will not. For those that do, congratulations! Of course, you will still have lessons to learn but that’s one step in your journey out of the way. Personally, I was one of the ones that had no idea what I wanted to do. Therefore, I had to discover it.

 For those of you searching for your direction in your life, you will find it as I did. Let me explain to you what I did in order to find my purpose. First, I began the practice of journaling and reading. I asked myself questions such as: What are my talents? What are my interests? What activities do I enjoy? What did I enjoy doing as a child? What am I passionate about? What am I good at, what are my strengths?

 This is an exercise I suggest you do as soon as possible. Write down every question I mentioned and answer the questions on paper. I suggest doing this activity once a week and watch how naturally the answers unfold.

 Also, I payed attention to myself and observed my thoughts. Over the course of months turned years, I received constant clues and guidance about who I was and who I was meant to become along my journey. You must keep searching and be persistent. Some days will be painful, lifeless, and empty but keep going! Everything will come together for you.

 I think it’s essential that you understand this important principle about Vision. Whatever vision you have of yourself, magnify it x 1000!  Think Bigger! Think Bigger! THINK BIGGER! The sheer size of your vision is the seed of Greatness and High Achievement. If you’re thinking millionaire, think billionaire. If you’re thinking billionaire, think how you’ll use your wealth to impact the world in a majestic way or think trillionaire. If you’re not thinking in terms of money, think in terms of impact! If you want to open up a homeless shelter, open up a network of homeless shelters across the country. If you want open up a school, open up a network of schools. If you want create a non-profit, make sure it’s the largest, most impactful non-profit organization the world has ever seen.

 Your vision should be vast like the oceans. As you imagine your future life and your future self, you should literally be blown away and in awe (and EXCITED!) by the sheer size of your dream! The key reason why the magnitude of your vision is so important is because a vast vision will result in vast self-transformation process within you. A vast vision will result in a vast self-transformation process within you.

 Let me explain. In order manifest your enormous potential, your best life and your best self, you must have a destination that is large and seemingly, distant. Whatever vision you set for yourself, your inner being will automatically begin to evolve to that particular vision. Think small, achieve small. If you only want to be average, average is exactly what you’ll get. If you want to be GREAT, Greatness you shall receive. A vision of large magnitude will force your inner being to transform into the large magnitude vision you set for yourself. Therefore the seed of GREATNESS lies in the size of your own vision.

 Don’t worry about whether it’s possible or not because it most definitely is. The storehouse of nature is infinite! You, as a human being on planet earth within the solar system, within the milky way galaxy within the universe has the abundance of the entire universe at your fingertips! Your VISION should stretch into the stars and the very edges of our universe.


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