Oneness of Creation

Creation- “We’re all one”

Have you ever taken the time to observe your reality? All human beings share a home we call Earth. Mother Earth. She’s a beautiful, magnificent creation that provides the essence of life for us humans and the billions of species of plants, organisms and animals that live here. We’re provided light and power from the sun, energies from the moon, water for sustaining life, oxygen for breathing and an abundance of many other essential elements and natural resources necessary for sustaining all forms of life on earth.

As humans, we are not alone; We share Mother Earth and we benefit from the natural cycles of our planet and the billions of plants, organisms and animals that we share our planet with. Bees pollinate the flowers, sea plankton and billions of trees oxygenate our earth. Nature consists of so many cycles and laws that keep our planet functioning and life-sustaining.

The sun rises and sets every day, Earth is always rotating and everything within Earth is always evolving, constantly changing. Our four seasons help to keep Earth healthy and balanced.  The trees, the oceans, the mountains, the rivers, the grass, climatic balance from the arctic to the desert, rain, clouds, the billions and billions of species of plants, animals, fish, insects and organisms; Finally, human beings.

What’s even crazier is that our universe sits within a galaxy (known as the Milky Way) which consists of solar systems and many different planets and stars. Also, keep in mind that there are many galaxies in outer space even larger than the one our earth exists in.

One thing I do know is that whoever and whatever created our life-supporting reality also created us human beings; Our very existence: mind, body, soul, and spirit. All human beings, all plants, all animals, the oceans, the clouds, the stars, the mountains, the forests are connected. We’re all one. “Oneness”. We’re all connected from and through a single source. Our creator, his life force and his creation. We’re all a small particle in the universe’s and earth’s massive, complex and divine ecosystem bound to its many laws and cycles.



This is our reality, our universe, our earth; but do we see the reality of our reality? Well, that’s where perception comes in to play. Everything on our planet is unique. No two trees grow the exact same branches but they’re still trees. No two tigers share the same stripes but they’re still tigers. No two snowflakes have the same shape but they’re still snowflakes. No two humans are the exact same yet, we’re all still humans. We’re all unique but at the same time, we’re all the same. How diverse and abundant and complex our home is! What a magnificent creation and an even more magnificent CREATOR!

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