Discovering your life's purpose and reaching your full potential is going to require discipline and persistence. Today's world is filled with clutter, distractions even obligations that take our precious time and energy away from us.

It's important that you take time every day to "get connected" with your inner being. That means no social media, no phone calls, no texting, etc.. Put the phone away! Turn the TV off and don't even listen to music. Silence, stillness and solitude  

As a matter of fact, I recommend spending as much time as possible alone with your thoughts in the beginning. Spending time alone is essential to calming your mind and slowing your rate of thinking so that you can contemplate the important questions you have about who you are, your current circumstances and whether you're moving in the right direction. Solitude will also develop your self awareness and strengthen your intuition.  

Silence is key to downloading information from the collective consciousness, also known as “The Field” or infinite intelligence.

Detoxing includes cleaning your environment. Clean your room, clean your car, get rid of the clutter in your house, go through your closet and donate old clothes you don't wear anymore, clean your bathroom. Remove all the excess energy in your space. 

Taking care of your body is equally important. Drink lots of water everyday and get plenty of sunlight. Begin to change your diet in whatever ways possible. It will be beneficial to slowly start removing fast food, processed food, sugar, MSG, and high-fructose corn syrup (found in a syrup, fast food restaurants, etc..) from your diet.

As you cleanse and revitalize your life by removing habits and activities that lower your vibration; you’re raising the vibrational frequency of your being simultaneously. You will begin to perceive your life and your reality differently as these habits take effect  

Whatever you do in life, you must have the discipline to the right things, long enough, consistently. 

Detox everyday for at least an hour. Make this a regular habit in your life and results will then begin to show. 

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