Conversation at the Thrift Store

One day I was driving around Dallas and while I was stopped at a red light, I saw a thrift store on the left side of the street. I thought to myself, "I'm not doing anything, might as well go in there and see what they got", so I pulled in the parking lot and went inside.

While I was checking out the clothes, this guy in an Army uniform approached me and started talking. "Hey whats going on man, have you ever thought about joining the military?", I replied, "Naah, the military not my thing bro, thanks though". He then curiously asked me about my personal goals and my interests. 

I explained, "My dream is to build a billion-dollar company and become wealthy so I can do whatever I want, whenever I want; travel and stuff like that, I want to be free". 

I guess I sparked his interest because when I said that he began to explain to me what his aspirations were. "That's nice man, I want to move to a tropical island and live off the land, grow my own natural foods and be a free man".

I nodded, "Ohhh ok that's wassup."

He smiled and said, "You wouldn't expect a guy in the military to say that would you?"

"Naaaa, not at all", I responded with a slight grin. I thought it was funny he said that because in my head I was wondering how this guy could be desiring such a lifestyle and yet be a soldier in the US military; definitely didn't make much sense to me.

"You know what man, I like where you're headed; call me Army Guy Mike and take my number."

I pulled my phone out and saved his contact. He then smiled and said, "When we leave here today, make sure you detox". "Detox? What do you mean by detox?", I asked.

In soft, low voice, Mike said, "Turn your phone off, don't text or call nobody, don't listen to music, don't read any books, no TV, basically remove all outside stimulus from the outside world."

Mike continued, "Oh yea, don't eat none of this fast food, it's bad for you. Maybe even fast for a day or two. Only drink water and go out in nature; while you're out in nature at night, be still and look up in the trees so that you can hear the whispers of your ancestors".

"What's the point of all this?", I asked, starting to think this guy was going a tad bit overboard at this point.

"By doing all of this, you're quieting your mind, silencing all of that chatter you have going on inside your head and cleansing your body and spirit so you can get your answers."

"Answers? What answers?", I questioned, anticipating his response.

"Your answers! The answers you're looking for about your purpose in life, who you're meant to become, and the best direction to take to get there. You have all the answers you're looking for within.  So remember man, detox okay?."

"I got you bro, detox." I restated.

We shook hands and he started to his car. I sat down in my sweltering hot car and reflected on the previous conversation. I turned my phone off, put my phone away and began driving in silence.

As I pulled out of the thrift store parking lot, my mind jumped back to the moment I decided to go in that random thrift store on this random day at that random time." I thought to myself, "Man I almost didn't go in that thrift store and meet Army Guy Mike today, I guess it was meant to be."

And I continued on with my day, detoxing. 

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